ASUS CEO confirms Windows 7 due in second half of 2009

I’m sure a team of black helicopters is on its way to Taiwan right now, with orders to pick up ASUS CEO Jerry Shen and bring him to the underground lair of Steven Sinofsky. The offense? Blabbing just a little too much about Windows 7 ship dates.

In an interview with Laptop magazine, Shen said Vista is a nonstarter with his company’s ultralight Eee PCs, especially given the imminent arrival of Windows 7. He predicted that “in the second half of next year we will put Windows 7 on Eee PCs.”

For those who find that surprising, you just haven’t been paying attention.

9 thoughts on “ASUS CEO confirms Windows 7 due in second half of 2009

  1. Well, conceivably, he could mean they’re designing it for Windows 7 and they should have it in house (at least in beta) for testing with their new products…

    …yeah right. Actually, I don’t see why they shouldn’t release it as soon as possible. Even though I’m one of few people who think Vista is alright, it’s basically past saving marketing-wise. They let Apple get away with marketing murder and now it’s too late even if it is a solid OS.

    I’ll bet they were planning to ship ASAP but wanted to play the “under-promise over-deliver” game.

  2. Microsoft really does need to make a video on Channel 9 or something that hints at Sinofsky dragging people deep into a mountain to keep the Windows 7 stuff a secret. It is a good joke.

  3. Foolish man. He already has a war with Gigabyte and now he’s opened a second front with a new enemy.

  4. As much as I wished that Vista could be vindicated from all the negative perceptions before its replaced, I would be excited if Windows 7 was released in late 2009.

  5. I agree with jgoto. The Vista perception has been the greatest injustice in tech history if I may be so melodramatic, however if Windows 7 can fix that then maybe we can just let all that just fade into history.

    Of course that is too optimistic as they will do the same thing to Windows 7 I’m sure.

    I can see the headlines from for Windows 8 in 2012 now “We waited 3 years for Windows 8 and all they can give us is a mind-reading OS?”.

  6. Hey, Ed, is it possible that maybe he meant that they might start testing the PC’s with Windows 7 beta? He may have left the beta part out… who knows.

    Just a thought.

  7. That crunching sound is those annoying hard to open plastic DVD cases as Microsoft tosses Vista under the bus. (yep, they even got the packaging wrong!) Vista, we hardly knew ye…

    -try Vista as it should have been: Windows Server 2008

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