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This is definitely worth updating, if only for the security fixes:

Adobe Flash Player version

You might want to uninstall Flash Player v9 first.

Alas, still no support for 64-bit browsers. Adobe says they’re “working on Flash Player support for 64-bit platforms” and will deliver it in “an upcoming release of Flash Player following Flash Player 10.”

Flash Player 10 works with IE 6/7 (and IE8 Beta 2, I can confirm), as well as Firefox 2 and 3, on all Windows versions. AOL 9 and Safari 3 are supported on desktop platforms but not on Windows Server 2003. Opera users, you’re OK if you use XP or Windows 2000 but apparently out of luck not officially supported if you use Vista or any Windows Server edition.

Update: In the comments, Danny notes that he has installed Flash Player 10 on a system running Opera 9.60 and Vista Ultimate SP1 and it works just fine. Thanks, Danny!

Update 2: Ars Technica has run some performance tests:

As the numbers will show, Flash performs far better in Vista versus Mac OS X running on the same hardware, and it actually improved slightly with the version 10 update.

Imagine that.

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  1. I’m using Opera 9.60 on Windows Vista Ultimate SP1. I’ve already downloaded and installed two days ago, no problem.

  2. Is it normal for flash not to work in IE 7 or 8 on Vista if you have protected mode enabled?

    I’ve looked around the internet but what I’ve found is old and full of mixed answers.

  3. Works fine here on IE7 and IE8, Justin. On IE8, I noticed that I had to completely close and restart the browser and then enable the plug-in for all web pages.

  4. I was afraid of that. This isn’t a new problem for me, I haven’t been able to get Flash 9 to work in IE 7 or 8 either.

    Nothing I do seems to work. I’ve used the manual uninstall program and reinstall several times. Reset my security levels, lowered them, etc. It just doesn’t work unless I turn off UAC and Protected Mode.

    What I end up getting is just a blank area where the flash is suppose to be. If I right click that area it pops up with the flash context menu but says the movie wasn’t loaded. I also get a script error telling me some method isn’t supported.

    I was really hoping the new version would fix it.

  5. Justin, you might be encountering an integrity-level error asociated with the Temp folder. Try this after making sure that UAC and Protecetd Mode are both on:

    Open an elevated Command Prompt window (click Start, type CMD, right-click the cmd shortcut at the top of the list, choose Run As Administrator, and approve the UAC prompt.

    Type this command:

    cd %temp%

    You should see the dirfectory change to the folder containing your Temp files, typically C:\Users\Username\Appdata\Local\Temp.

    Now type this command:

    icacls .\Low /setintegritylevel (OI)(CI)low

    Be sure you include the period before \Low, and note there are no spaces in the string of parameters at the end.

    Does that fix the problem?

  6. Ooops. In haste, installed Flash 10 over Flash 9 without running the uninstallation routine.

    Question: Is it worth the trouble of trying to uninstall everything now, or best to let things be and hope for the best? Noticed that in c:\windows\system32\macromed\flash there’s a “FlashUtil10a” and a “FlashUtil9f” as well as a “Flash10a.ocx” and a “Flash9f.ocx.” Will those “FlashUtil9f” and “Flash9f.ocx” files do any harm sitting there? Would deleting them outright be a bad idea?

  7. Matt, if I were you I would run the uninstaller and then reinstall Flash Player 10. Shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes.

  8. Justin, what is the exact error message? Also, can you create a new (additional) user account and see if it works in tat account?

    Any security software running?

  9. These two errors show on Adobe’s site, most other sites tell me I need to enable JavaScript or show no errors at all (the movie still doesn’t load.)

    Message: Error in loading DLL
    Line: 182
    Char: 4
    Code: 0
    URI: http://wwwimages.adobe.com/www.adobe.com/lib/com.adobe/swfobject.js

    Message: ‘FMA.SWFURI’ is null or not an object
    Line: 288
    Char: 3
    Code: 0
    URI: http://www.adobe.com/

    I just checked on another account, it does work there. It also works with other browsers on my own account. I have no security software installed except windows defender. I had Live One Care a while back but it was broke before I ever installed that.

    Thanks for taking the time to help me, this problem has been bugging me a very long time.

  10. Thanks for the links and the heads up on the update, Ed. You made it easy for me to quickly uninstall v9 and install v10.

    I got to thinking about reminders to update Flash player I would occasionally see. I prefer to turn OFF automatic updates, but I didn’t know how to do it for this particular product.

    It turns out you have to access their web site to make a local change on your system. Putting aside the “control freakish” nature of that decision, at least it can be done (turning off update checks).


  11. Ed, is there a list somewhere of everything that doesn’t function properly with 64 bit? Besides Flash, we’ve run into problems with Java and Adobe on my husband’s new computer. Java recommends installing a 32 bit version of IE but that’s over our heads.

  12. MarTN, the good news is that you already have a 32-bit IE installed and working with x64. That’s the default browser. What sort of problems are you experiencing?

  13. I’ll get more details when he’s home, but basically nothing happens when you try to click on something… except there’s a line in the bottom border that says saying about javascript. I’ll ask him what the problem is with Flash. He has trouble with Quicktime too. For a while he couldn’t look at PDFs but I uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe and it seems to be OK. RealArcade is a mess.
    Could this be related to 64 bit?: During fall break in Florida, his Connect To said he was connected to the hotel wireless, but neither IE or Firefox could find it. We struggled for a day and then gave up. When we arrived home, they both found our house linksys and opened without a hitch.

  14. Hi, Ed. I’ve experienced something similar to Justin (but slightly different), and I’ve tried your suggested solutions and more. After updating my Flash player a week or so ago, I can no longer play Flash in IE 8. It works fine in Chrome, Firefox and Opera, but when I try to play the same videos in IE 8, I get a message that “You need to install the Flash player.” I’ve tried reinstalling, to no avail. Flash is enabled for all sites.

  15. I have just installed the new ie8 beta 2 however when i try to add the flash add on player 10, i click on the download link on adobe site and i get the placement holder box with little red X on the top right, obviously nothing flash works at all in this browser, is there a way to manually download somewhere? and or how to install from the adobe website?

    thanks in advance

  16. I keep getting a flash10a.ocx error and my IE on vista crashes. Or it doesnt respond. any suggestions?

  17. I have Xp Pro and IE7. The IE7 and previous IE6 kept on crashing due to flash errors. It doesn’t crash straight away and I can see the flash images. Running a few web pages now and they are woking fine but thats probably luck at the moment and if I try again in a few minutes it will crash. I am running a HP vectra VE which is a 333 Mhz pentium so its very old school. Never had any previous issues with the old flash players but now I keep getting a flash 10 crash message. Tried installing some old version of flash but web pages dont recognize them and continuosly asks for flash to be installed (drives me nuts). Dont understand why other people are not getting these problems so I assume the old hardware may be the blame.

  18. I have Windows XP Home Edition version 2002 Build 2600 with Service Pack 3

    I also have DirectX 9.0c Nov 08 Update, .Net 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 along with SP1 with them.

    Iam using IE7 (7.0.5370.13) along with the latest downloads of adobe Flash Player and Shockwave player (as of 17/11/08) yet I keepgetting random flash10a.ocx errors and IE7 wanting to close after sending an error report.

    My hardware is all new: Intel E8400, Asus P5KC, 2GB DDR800, 2X500gb hdd (Western digital + Hitachi deskstar) HD3450 256mb.

  19. Justin (and others with problem with IE7 or-8 not playing flash content in only one user account, when other browsers will play flash content in the affected account):

    Microsoft finaly helped me fix this one in my Vista user account. These were their instructions:


    Step 1: Show hidden files


    Click “Start” and then click “Control Panel”.
    In the left pane of Control Panel, click “Control Panel Home”.
    Click “Appearance and Personalization”.
    Click “Folder Options”.
    Click the “View” tab, click “Show hidden files and folders”, and then click OK.

    Step 2: Remove old profile files


    Navigate to the C:\Users(user name) folder.
    Delete the following files: NTUSER.DAT,NUSER.DATA{ 0f6…} ntuser.ini
    Navigate to the C:\Users(user name)\AppData\Local\Temp folder, and remove all files in the Temp folder.
    Navigate to the C:\Users(user name)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows folder, and remove all the UserClass.dat files.

    Restart the computer and log on the current user account again.


    Microsoft forgot a couple of things.

    1) You must do the deletes from another acct., since they won’t be deletable from your own acct, since some of them will be in use…

    2) You must also unhide system files, as some of the ones to delete are such.

    3) Where Microsoft says to remove all files in a directory, they mean only files, NOT folders in that directory.

    I believe that the one thing which worked out of their instructions, since I did them a piece at a time, was the deletion of the UserClass.dat files in the affected user account. It was after this step that IE finally began to be able to play flash content without ‘starting as administrator’, or disabling protection mode. I suspect you could do only this step and be back in good shape. Incidently, these files were recreated immediately after reboot, apparently without the boo-boo that at least one of them had had for so long. Linney, let me know if this works for you. They’re a few others out there who need this fix if so. Hope this helps!

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