Great bootleg art

I download most music these days from eMusic and Amazon MP3s. But I still buy CDs occasionally. Last week I bought Bob Dylan’s new Tell Tale Signs, which is the eighth installment in the Bootleg Series. I burst out laughing when I opened the jewel case and saw this printing on the first disk:


Someone at Columbia has a good sense of humor. Oh, and the 2-CD set is really great stuff, too.

4 thoughts on “Great bootleg art

  1. The Borat DVD disc is done in the same manner. My sister thought I pirated it when she borrowed it.

  2. I could have written this blog post, Ed. I also get most of my music from eMusic and Amazon downloads. But, like you, I bought Tell Tale Signs on CD, and I was also amused by the CD art.

    And I also agree with your assessment of the music. Really great stuff.

  3. The CD art is not unusual. Like Most Dylan releases it replicates a vintage Columbia label design, in this case an acetate label.

  4. Zimm (heh), yes, that’s true. But old fans like me might remember those vintage Columbia labels, which were on LPs available for purchase in stores. The acetate labels weren’t.

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