10 thoughts on “Windows 7 gets an official name

  1. Ed
    I think Microsoft has made the right decision here. Its clear, concise and will hopefully cut through when it comes to marketing.

  2. “Windows 7” sounds good at least.

    But if the internal version is kept at 6.1, while the official name is “Windows 7”, a few years from now some new employee (or freshly promoted) at MS will be able to show how smart (s)he is and post an article explaining how this didn’t make sense and how they came up with a new naming convention… It’ll be weird n 2015 to have the new Windows internally versioned 7.0 while “Windows 7” was released in 2011…

    I wonder why they try to complicate things for themselves? What is the motivation driving this?

    The following excerpt however does not make any sense: <>

    So basically the aspirations for Vista are… to get rid of the Vista name?
    I could understand that… with all the negative press.

  3. Or it could just bump the version number and add some massive feature to make up for it… like a Mesh API… or a Touch API… or APP-V integration… the list goes on.

  4. I like the name Windows 7.

    Also, I’m pretty sure that by the time Windows 7 gets released it will be a 7xxx build and will be version 7.

  5. SUSAN: It’s not a name. It’s a number.

    GEORGE: I know. It’s Mickey Mantle’s number. So not only is it an all around beautiful name, it is also a living tribute.

    SUSAN: It’s awful. I hate it!

    GEORGE: (angry) Well, that’s the name!

    Am I the only person to remember the above scene from Seinfeld when I hear this name?

  6. Bumping the internal version to 7.0 would salvage the whole confusion indeed, it’s the right thing to do in this case IMHO.

  7. Boy was I wrong about the new name!

    I was certain that they would change the version numbering to 7.0

    I guess Windows 7 is going to be v6.1.

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