I’m back … sort of

I was traveling last week, and since getting back I’ve been trying to fight off a cold, a battle I might just be losing, based on how I feel this morning. Bleh.

Anyway, I’ve got some interesting stuff queued up for here and over at ZDNet.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got any Windows-related questions, leave them in the comments here.

18 thoughts on “I’m back … sort of

  1. What programs (in any category) would you recommend in relation to Windows Media Center?

    I’m setting up a home server for media and files, and while initially considering MythTV, I’ve been swayed by the usefulness of Windows Home Server (and the… clunkiness of Linux didn’t help – I only use it when I need to, and well, for this kind of server… I don’t want Linux on it).

    So far, I’ve found a web interface for telling it what shows to download (which is probably one of the more useful shows)… but yeah, what other apps or extensions can you recommend?

  2. The other day I was unable to unzip certain files (zip archives). Winrar gave me errors. Hmmm, I thought.

    I clicked on Properties for the file to see if it was corrupt. It was then that I noticed that an option to Unblock the file.

    Seems that Vista had marked the file and it was blocked. This was the first time I had ever come across this.

    Any information about this feature and how to bulk unblock files would be greatly appreciated.

    And yes, I am fully aware of the potential of viruses and spyware, but I have full confidence in my anti-virus program and the website I downloaded the files from is trustworthy.

  3. I am NOT a windows basher—I think we should be grateful for what we have, BUT, I’d love to know why EVERY god-dang time I start Outlook 2007 on this Inspiron with XP it spikes my CPU to MAX and takes two full minutes to load any emails before it is useable. sometimes it won’t load those emails unless I minimize the screen, and then they just pop thru. I’ve read there’s some setting you can change to stop it from (I wish I could remember what they called it) “sorting” or something, but I never found it—and I’m not on a server. Man this is maddening.

  4. Will Windows 7 include the ability to manipulate the UI without actually having to touch it or use a mouse? Sort of like what I saw in Iron Man as well as in a Microsoft Research video.

  5. I’m building a media center PC based on your advice and other advice I’ve picked up in various places. I’m about to buy the motherboard and I’m thinking the ASUS P5Q Pro looks good. (It is hard to find media center PC motherboard advice online BTW). This board has an Intel P45 chipset and I’m considering using the Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 CPU (which costs a bit more, but the mobo costs a bit less, $120 with rebate at New Egg, so I figure its a wash). I also want to go 64bit with Windows Vista and an appropriate video card which I haven’t even begun researching yet. My question is, how does this mobo/chipset/cpu combo sound and are there any special considerations in going 64bit with media PC? I want to tape multiple shows at once off cable, and over-the-air, most in HD. Like you, I have an all HD household with 3 HD TV’s and a desktop computer.

  6. Hey Ed. In your 9/3 post on extender deals, you mentioned you were testing 5 current models and teasted a round up of sorts. Is that still in the works? Or did I miss it?

    Would love to get your take on the current generation of extenders.

  7. Hey Ed, could you just quit with the too-oft-used headline…. I’m back.. or I’ll be away…. It’s a waste of time for me as a blog reader. I don’t want to know about your reasons for not posting or see something to announce when you’re back. Just come up with the content I want to read. This “I’m back” or “I’m back… sortof…. ” it’s just a damn bore. Believe me, no one is as enamored of a blogger as the blogger himself, a problem I see on blogs all too often and wish would just stop. Because you’re a good tech writer, you could set a good example here. It would be appreciated a lot. Thanks.

  8. @ David Gray:
    Dave there are quite a few addins in Outlook 2007. I’ve come across a few installations where Outlook was slowed to a crawl by them.

    Have a look at Tools>Trust Center>Add-ins. Here you can manage the addins by making them inactive. If you don’t use these features try disabling them:
    Calendar Gadget for Windows Sidebar
    Microsoft Access Outlook Add-in
    Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging
    Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server Colleague Import
    Microsoft VBA for Outlook

    There are also some who have experienced slowdowns from Outlook updating RSS feeds. You can delete them from the RSS Feeds tab in Account Settings if you don’t use Outlook to read RSS feeds.

  9. I have just taken the plunge with Vista Ultimate 64 bit. Are there any native 64 bit programs that you can recommend at this point. Searching the web brings results but not much in the way of informed information. Lots of stuff runs in 64 bit but many are X86 WOW ports. What’s your experience in this area?

  10. Ed

    I need to redo my XP Pro system (unstable etc.)
    I know I can get to point of XP Pro (SP2) install ( done it before) BUT
    Can I now just go DIRECTLY to installing SP3 without having to download (dialup yeh snail pace!) all those stupid updates already claimed to be on SP3 update?

    I plan on installing XP pro SP2 NOT activate then install SP3 from Microsoft produced cd.

    Anyone else ever try this?

    Do I really have to activate after the SP2 install BEFORE I install SP3??
    Try chicken soup and lots of sleep!!!

  11. Where’s the (proper) English dictionary in Windows Mail (Vista)? I like to spell my colourful language correctly, lest my Neighbours be offended (even the ones in gaol).

    Why is the next version of Windows called “Windows 7″???

    It’s the next version after Windows NT 6 (Vista). 🙂

  12. A blog is a web log. Logging Ed’s comings and goings are perfectly acceptable.

    A captain of his ship SHOULD and I believe MUST (okay, I’m getting into the role of 18th century barrister LOL) log his arrivals and departures.

  13. @Peter Ortner

    That’s what I originally thought too, but according to all available sources Windows 7 will only be a mild update from the Vista core. This leads me to believe that the kernal won’t be 7.0 but rather 6.1 or 6.2…

  14. Mark,
    Before you start the upgrade process, make a new XP cd with SP3 slipstreamed in, then after you do reinstall you won’t have to do anything other then use Windows Update to get any patches since SP3.

    Here is one site that walks through the slipstream process you can google/live search “slipstream xp sp3” to get others.

  15. Les
    I’ll give it a shot.
    The URL for the one site did not show, but I did google “slipstream xp sp3″ and got others.
    Thanks again.

  16. ED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!! !!!!!

    I’ve just bought a new computer. HP Windows Vista Home Premium a few days ago.

    I have installed Windows Live Messenger 8.5 version down to my computer. And after using it fine for one night, the Data Execution Prevention keeps closing my MSN. And I tried to turn off DEP for MSN, only to find that it has to run with DEP on.

    So I’ve tried uninstall MSN from the control panel and then re-install it again. But it still keeps closing.

    Sometimes I can log on for a few seconds and then a window pops up saying there is an error found in the script on this page. As follows:

    Line: 2
    Char: 1
    Error: Syntax error
    Code: 0

    So I tried installing an older version – MSN 8.0 to see if it’s only 8.5 that doesn’t work. But a banner pops up saying I must install the newer version in order to continue.

    I wouldn’t know if it’s the computer’s problem or MSN’s problem.

    This is what pops up everytime when DEP forces me to close MSN.

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: BEX
    Application Name: msnmsgr.exe
    Application Version: 8.5.1302.1018
    Application Timestamp: 4717a53b
    Fault Module Name: unknown
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
    Exception Offset: 368b0000
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Data: 00000008
    OS Version: 6.0.6001.
    Locale ID: 5129
    Additional information about the problem:
    LCID: 1033

    Before this had happened I installed MSN Shell to enhance the function of MSN, after installing Shell, some problems also arise with the running of MSN. But now I’ve completely uninstall Shell, only MSN itself is there but DEP just keeps closing it.

    I’ve checked if there is any virus or spyware by clicking Norton Anti Virus. But everything is scanned and secure with the green tick.

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