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I’m up in the Northwest for a few meetings this week. On Wednesday, I’ll be participating in a panel discussion led by Microsoft’s Mark Russinovich. This “virtual round table” is part of the Springboard series for IT professionals, and the topic – Windows Vista performance – should make for some lively discussion.

It’s a live event, and you’re welcome to tune in on Wednesday morning (Pacific time) and even ask a question or two. Update: The official event link is here:


Here’s the official announcement:

Springboard Series Virtual Roundtable
Under the Hood: Windows Vista Performance…Need Answers?
clip_image002Join Mark Russinovich and a panel of industry experts for a LIVE virtual roundtable to explore your top of mind performance issues, common misconfigurations, and tips on how to fix them. From boot times and applets to disk performance and battery life, find out how to optimize Windows Vista and what you can do to improve overall system performance. 

Submit your performance questions live during the event or send them in advance to vrtable@microsoft.com.

Save the date!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
9:00am Pacific Time


Find answers to your Windows Vista adoption questions with resources, tools, monthly straight-talk articles, and upfront guidance based on early adopter and community feedback. To learn more, visit www.microsoft.com/springboard.

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5 thoughts on “Learn more about Vista performance

  1. GAH! I won’t be able to be there. Make sure to bring up performance vs. XP and how it stands up now, y’hear? I want to turn the tide of opinion with some cold hard numbers…

  2. My main concern is with file transfer speed. I would never consider going back to XP a “upgrade” but I still see transferring a a large file as significantly slower in Vista 32 bit.

  3. Hey Now Ed,
    A link would be great.

    @ Mark, I’ve read the actual file transfer speed is faster but the way it’s displayed on the screen is different than XP which makes it look slower.

    Any truth to that ED?

    Should be a great session ED, I thinks the content/topic is very interesting.
    Thx 4 the info,

  4. Ha! Found it! I found it by randomly searching on the Springboard site. Windows Vista Performance. Thats what I searched for. The first link gives a link to a forum post that contains this site: https://ms.istreamplanet.co/springboard/

    That had no mention in Ed’s post. So yeah, umm just go there (point your browser to that, in silly usual web speak) then click Watch the event!. Off you go. Wonder why Ed didnt have a link. Oh well, I found and I thought to share to be nice to everyone. So I dont have the answer to myself, but do share.

    Oh, and that Ed didnt have a link was NOT a criticism, just a noting of fact.

    I dont believe for a moment that I need this note with Ed Bott (and in fact, first I thought I wouldnt need it). Because you cant know for what irrational reasons people get angry, I have seen on it on the Internet way too much and I am sick of it. I dont really believe I need it with Ed, as he is the most knowledgeable guy around about Windows, but decided to put it to just to be sure as I have bad… experiences on forums.

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