Media Center Extender deals

If you’ve been looking for a Vista-compatible Media Center Extender, Dell Home has both Linksys models on sale for the lowest prices I’ve seen. The bare-bones (but very capable) DMA 2100 is $127.49, and the DMA 2200, which has a built-in DVD player, is $170.

I’m using both models here. In fact, I’ve been busily testing all five currently available Media Center Extenders. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Media Center Extender deals

  1. Mitchell, I have an Xbox 360 here and will include it in my review. It makes a fine Media Center extender, IF you can stand the noise. In my household, the noise and heat make it a nonstarter. If I leave it in a cabinet, it overheats to dangerous levels. If I place it where it has proper ventilation, noise is unbearable. All the other extenders are noiseless, which is a big deal for some people.

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