Dumb phisher

This might be an intelligence test:


If you actually look at the return address and aren’t stopped in your tracks by the fact that Paypal’s return address is service[at]google.com, well…

Pretty crude attempt. Who falls for something this bad?

7 thoughts on “Dumb phisher

  1. I know lots of people who would assume that Google and PayPal had merged or had been bought out. I have no doubt they would click the link.

  2. I would bet this is a “Google – Unauthorized access report..:” reused where the phisher forgot to change the return address 🙂

  3. Spam makes for interesting reading sometimes. I still remember when “Brenda,” allegedly using the account of Tiffany@somewhere, bragged about how much longer and thicker her, uhm, Richard was now that she was taking knock-off Viagra. You go, girl!

  4. I really get a kick out of these things. Gives me a laugh to start my day. The people who respond to these things deserve everything they get, and then some. I enjoy the ones with lots of spelling and grammatical errors the best.

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