Sinofsky is blogging again

Windows boss Steven Sinofsky is ready to start talking about Windows 7.

He’s been blogging all along, I’m told, on a site available only on the Microsoft internal network. But this is the first public communication in years.

The biggest news: if you’re even remotely interested in Windows 7, be sure you have your tickets for the PDC in Los Angeles in late October.

One thought on “Sinofsky is blogging again

  1. Regarding this initiative from Microsoft:

    Since Microsoft finally opened up for a dialog with future users of Windows 7, Windows Vista for Beginners launched a campaign for collecting comments and opinions of Windows Vista users about features that need to be fixed or improved in Windows 7.

    We really believe that this our real chance to make our voices heard.

    So… please click on the link below:

    and leave your opinion. Anonymous comments work, so there is no need to create an account.

    All feedback will be centralized in a nice article which will be posted on the site and sent to the Windows 7 team via their newly opened blog.

    Thank you so much for your support in turning this idea into a conversation with Microsoft and the developers of Windows 7.

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