Another Windows 7 myth busted

I keep reading about how Microsoft is freezing out OEMs from information about Windows 7. But today, Ina Fried, who is hands down the best Microsoft beat reporter on the planet, says that is not true:

Microsoft has said that it is engaging much earlier and deeper with computer makers as part of the Windows 7 design process. From what I’ve heard from PC manufacturers, this has been true so far. "It’s like night and day," one PC company executive told me.

Looks like the people who are telling other reporters that they aren’t getting access are being frozen out because, uh, they’re the kind of people who talk to reporters about their early access.

As time goes by, I continue to be impressed with how tightly Sinofsky and Co. are keeping the news lid fastened. In the 21st Century, that’s a major accomplishment.

7 thoughts on “Another Windows 7 myth busted

  1. What do you think is the current state of public perception about Windows 7? People (like me) who like Vista, aren’t going to have a problem with Windows 7. But, through user comments I’ve seen, some people expecting a complete revamp, some massive Windows overhaul because they think Vista is ME II. That’s obviously not what Windows 7 is going to be (and nor does it need to be). When they demo Windows 7 this fall, are they going to be dissapointed right away without ever using it?

  2. Dan, I think most people have no idea that Windows 7 exists. Those that have heard about it are going to have their impressions filtered by whatever they read most recently. Thus the need for someone to do the Mother of All Windows Demos at PDC in October.

  3. (a different Dan)

    I wonder about some of the hardware issues surrounding the new Windows. For example, will it be compatible with current mainboard designs?

    It seems to my non-EE eyes that current BIOS designs are outdated and—to a degree—cripple motherboard manufacturers. It would be cool if Microsoft designed a new (open) standard for motherboard firmware capability.

    Maybe they should make clean break with backwards compatibility next time around.

  4. Dan (the different one),

    Not gonna happen, at least not this time. Windows 7 will run on any computer that runs Windows Vista. You can take that one to the bank. There are new alternatives to the traditional BIOS that are supported as well, even in Vista, but those won’t be mainstream for a while.

  5. Dan, I think most people have no idea that Windows 7 exists.

    In my experience, most mainstream users don’t care the smallest bit about OS’s. I’ve often had people asking for help and when I say, ‘are you using XP or Vista?’ they don’t know.

    I’m looking forward to W7 anyway… Vista was good and I like it, but 7 should be really impressive as the Live services and OS all finally come together…

  6. Speaking of the Mother of All Windows Demo’s, I don’t think we have seen the Mother of All Vista Demo’s yet.

    I am not sure what Microsoft is doing but they still have yet to actually show off the more interesting features of Vista yet. I mean how many PDC’s ago has it been since Jobs sat down in front of OSX and did a segment on how great Spotlight was?

    Not often do you see that kind of demonstration for Vista.

  7. Sinofsky has been doing a wonderful job, and I can only hope to foil him…

    Still, the mother of all demos better not turn out like PDC 2003 where you get to see demos that promise big and then fail to fully deliver over three years later.

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