Phishing aimed at Apple customers?

This e-mail arrived via a Hotmail account this morning:

phishing aimed at Apple customers

A couple things jumped out at me. First, it’s pretty well done, much better than your average phishing attempt. (The only typo is a stray comma right after the “clicking here” URL that they replaced. Oops.)

Second, the Windows Live Mail header correctly noted that the message was encoded in Cyrillic.


I’m pretty sure that no official e-mail from Apple is being sent to American customers from Russian client machines, especially not using Outlook Express as the message source, as an inspection of the headers revealed.

The more success Apple has in the marketplace, the more likely they are to become targets of all sorts of attacks. This sort of phish attempt is just the first wave.

4 thoughts on “Phishing aimed at Apple customers?

  1. Apple will continue to be targeted over and over now that they are becoming the Elite/Cool kids on the block.

    I am just afraid alot of it will be on Windows Machines, and the blowback will hit MS and not Apple.

    Although, I did notice that Hotmail did warn you about the message there.

  2. Not that I want people hurt in any way, but it would be greatly satisfying to see these people who are so smug about their “security” get own’d themselves.
    Apple is a lot like Microsoft was before Trusted Computing in terms of security, and I think it will smack Apple in the face when it happens.

  3. Well, Apple’s market share is even lower outside the US, so that to some extent protects them. A lot of hackers come from outside the US. The Intel migration, and the existence of Hackintoshes, does to some extent negate the advantages. However, there’s still the mindshare issue. People won’t attack Apple if they don’t care about Apple.

    Then there are the sheer numbers. Is Windows twice as secure as OS X? Three times as secure? You think Apple is getting 25% market share any time soon?

  4. Hello All

    Take a look at the email Window:
    It comes from iTunes Store… Should be Apple Store?
    The header says it’s from a “” email address, which does not match with the iTunes Store address.

    It has all the information to set up MobileMe and at the button the Info of “CC Declined”; Why would I setup MobileMe if I have a billing problems?

    As Ed Says, This is way much better than average phishing emails, but has a lot of suspect stuff, don’t you think?

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