An offer for Xdrive orphans

If you’re a victim of AOL’s decision to shut down the Xdrive online service, you’re in luck. One of my favorite online services,, has a deal for you. Company spokesperson Kendra Ott sends along these details:

I just talked with Aaron, CEO, and we are happy to offer a 20% discount to XDrivers… feel free to pass this info along to your readers:

To redeem the offer, you must sign up through the following url: and use the code ‘xdrive’ – it is case sensitive and must be all lower-case.

Good people, good product.

3 thoughts on “An offer for Xdrive orphans

  1. SkyDrive is free, but it’s limited to 5GB and has no business-class offerings. Presumably someone who was paying for Xdrive’s service had already decided SkyDrive wasn’t enough.

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