RIP Xdrive

Does AOL have the reverse Midas touch or what?

Me, August 5, 2005, after AOL announces it has purchased the online storage site Xdrive:

I expect Xdrive to go downhill rapidly now that AOL is in charge. I hope I’m wrong.

Today, via my buddies at ZDNet:

AOL is shutting down XDrive, AOL Pictures and other properties in a belt tightening move that may indicate the company is setting itself up to be sold.

Please, Microsoft, don’t buy this mess.

4 thoughts on “RIP Xdrive

  1. I’ve never really understood why Microsoft was interested in Yahoo in the first place. Contrary to popular believe MS really does have some pretty good technology and a bunch of incredibly talented people working for them. What the seem to lack more then anything is marketing ability. In every movie and TV show I see, people use Apple computers. Go to any tech website and you’ll see all sorts of post praising Apple and putting down MS. Most of what is said is not based in reality. MS needs to challenge these things and not allow themselves to be treated like a doormat.

  2. Hey – Kendra from here…

    Not going to speculate about anything Microsoft… just wanted to let you guys know that will happily provide a smooth transition to any XDrive takers.

    To read more in a note from our CEO addressing AOL’s news, check out the Box blog:

    Take good care and have a great weekend,

    Community Manager

  3. AOL does Email okay.

    On what Al said, I saw a computer fix-it ad the other day on TV that was very interesting. They put in bold words on the bottom that they only fix “PC Style Computers” then in the last part of the commercial, someone was on an iMac.

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