I’m not in New York City

Somehow, the folks running the Digital Life tradeshow in New York missed the note I sent them advising that I won’t be attending their event press preview today. Sounds fun, but I’m thousands of miles away and just not available.

They interpreted this to mean that I was planning to attend. Go figure. And they apparently added my name to a press list saying I was going to be there. As a result, I am getting a barrage of requests to stop by this booth or that party at Digital Life.

So this is just a public service announcement: No, I’m not in New York and I won’t be attending the Digital Life press preview. Thanks for the invitation. (I might, however, be in town for the actual Digital Life show in late September.)

PS: Press registration for CES 2009 just opened. I won’t be attending that show, either. You PR folks might want to make a note of that.

One thought on “I’m not in New York City

  1. I was going to go, but it’s too nice a day here in NJ

    I signed-up for CES last week, it’s a fun show to attend.

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