The long wait for a Windows replacement

Mary Jo Foley and I are teaming up with a pair of posts on the same topic over at ZDNet. My entry is titled “Why you’ll have a long wait for Microsoft’s next OS”:

The recent buzz over Microsoft’s efforts to build a completely new OS from scratch has led to some wild speculation. As my colleague Mary Jo Foley has reported, Microsoft already has an all-star team that’s working on a next-generation operating system. It’s called Midori, and Mary Jo’s sources say it’s in “incubation,” which means it’s on a fast track to being turned into a product. But will Midori replace Windows in the near future? Not a chance. If Microsoft really does turn this project into a commercial product, I believe it will exist alongside Windows for several years, at a bare minimum. To learn why, let’s dust off the Windows history books.

Mary Jo has some new insider information and some interesting speculation on the status of the next-generation project in Might Microsoft’s Midori be ‘Cairo’ revisited?

Let me know in the comments here whether you like this approach. We’ve also discussed plans to do this sort of thing in podcast format as well. How many of you would be interested in listening to a Bott & Foley podcast?

13 thoughts on “The long wait for a Windows replacement

  1. Microsoft does research projects all the time, I don’t believe this is a Windows replacement. They own the worlds largest operating system, of course they are going to continue to research operating systems. Heck, Richard Rashid, creator of Mach (core of Mac OSX)
    is leading a bunch of projects.

    Microsoft should have never released information about project Singularity. The press has butchered the message of “Hey we are working on some cool new stuff” to mean that they are replacing Windows. This is probably why Microsoft is on information lockdown on Windows 7, everything they say gets twisted into some sort of press agenda.

    I would listen to a podcast, try to get some guests on their as well.

  2. Ed, I enjoyed listening to Mary Jo and you when you had your guest aappearances in Leo Laportes & Paul Thurrots “Windows Weekly” podcast.

    If you really are planning to do a podcast together, count me in as a regular listener…

  3. I like the approach and I look forward to more posts in this format in the future. I don’t listen to any podcasts regularly, but I think you could count me in as a subscriber from day 1.

  4. I am another regular listener to Paul & Leo and enjoyed it when you and Mary were guests on that Podcast.

    I am another who would listen to a podcast that you and Mary organised. I enjoy reading your blogs.

  5. I’m all for a Podcast. Windows Weekly is fine, but it would be interesting to hear another perspective. Heck, you might talk to Leo about being regular guests. There’s no reason Windows Weekly couldn’t be a roundtable discussion like TWiT. (Minus all the Twitter stuff, of course.) 😉

  6. I wouldn’t mind a podcast.

    I would love to see a Bott/Foley/Thurrott/Laporte roundtable..

  7. Personally I hate podcasts… they are usually so long and it’s hard finding the time to listen to them. However if you two got a podcast going I would certainly listen!

  8. I frankly wouldn’t listen to a podcast. I can search for and obtain information much faster by reading than by listening for it. Mind you, I’m not saying it’s a bad idea; it’s simply a service I’ll never avail myself of. Just please promise you’ll never give up the printed word!

  9. “Just please promise you’ll never give up the printed word!”

    I promise! Actually, our goal is to keep the podcast short (30 minutes), focused, and tied to the print work we’re doing. We still have some organizational details to get together before this can happen, however.

  10. I really enjoyed the last video interview you two did together over at ZDNet, , and would love to see a regular video podcast of you two.

    I am not sure how the printed version would work, but you and Mary Jo are on my must read list of ZDNet blogs.

    Keep up the good work, Ed.

    Oh btw, when is “Windows Seven Inside/Out” due to the publisher?
    (I had to try……….ha ha)

  11. Ed I’m a fan of your Knowledge of the Windows Platform, I would listen to your Pod cast as long as it was based in fact and not the usual doom and gloom and MAC fan boy fanaticism that comes out of the tech pundit world.

    Even Mary jo seems to get her facts wrong in the name of web hits.

    This article from her, about Microsoft’s secret work on the next version of Windows ignores the fact that Vista is based on a updated and Modern NT Kernel.

    Just be objective and Knowledgeable and you’ve got a fan.

  12. Definitely would love to listen to a podcast featuring the two of you. I’m sure it would be very informative.

    Let us know when you start ‘casting!

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