The last Windows 95 user is defiant

At first I thought this was satire:

Why I Still Use Windows 95


I am accustomed to getting strange or uncomplementary reactions from other people when they find out that I still do: "Are you insane?" or "Why the hell are you using Windows 95?!" are only typical. I can no longer count on most of the latest software being capable of running on this configuration. So, why do I still endorse a computer operating system more than ten years old?

What follows is the usual litany of Windows gripes about every post Win95 version: “frivolous animation and eye candy … slow performance … poor interface design … no compelling functionality…”

I would rather use a hammer and chisel with stone tablets than go back to Windows 95. Apparently the rest of the world agrees. The author of this piece says, “I wouldn’t be surprised if the proportion of people still using Windows 95 on a regular basis is ½% or less.” Heh. According to Net Applications, the correct number is 0.01%. Windows 98 and Windows Me are both significantly below 0.5%.

That corresponds neatly to numbers from this site. Of the last 100,000 visitors to this site, 8 were running Windows 95, 22 were on Windows Me, and 202 were using Windows 98. Maybe they can all get together and form a tontine.


12 thoughts on “The last Windows 95 user is defiant

  1. I have used win95 for quick installs when testing something – I haven’t used it on the internet in a long time, so that would skew the internet numbers. Definitely XP is better from a firewall standpoint than 95, but you can’t beat the install size and speed (of installation and of running – even you have to admit that win95 runs faster than XP on similar hardware, right?)

  2. I am ashamed to confess as a Brit that this is quite a common trait in the UK. It’s (usually) confined to middle-aged/older men and involves them just getting on to technology. Then they stick rigidly to whatever they have adopted for years and years no matter what – dial-up rather than broadband, analogue TV rather than digital, etc etc.

    The ludicrous thing is they moan on and on when newer tech doesn’t work with their crappy equipment – doh!!

  3. I have install CDs/DVDs to most copies of Windows following Win95… sometimes I install an old version and surf the web just to puzzle people who read their web traffic statistics. (I successfully installed NT 4.0 on my three year old Toshiba notebook)…

  4. I know someone who still thinks Win95 is the best 😉 … he doesn’t use it but would if he could!

    I think it might be a generational thing. I’m betting this guy is NOT under 30!

  5. My goodness, I read “The Wrong Box” when I was a boy and haven’t thought of it since. Will have to drag that out for reading next time I’m away from the computer.

  6. XP is alright. But I’ll jump to the next thing as soon as money allows. But once I got there, I seriously doubt I’d go back to XP. It’s always been that way with me. Once you have a 2008 Mustang, you’re not going to want to go back to a 71 Vega, unless it’s just a quick trip down memory lane. Besides that, the very sight of a W9x interface depresses me. Even the default XP theme brings me down. Thank God for customization.
    Anyway, ever onward.

  7. Lol, i read the article about Win95.
    Does he really hate newer versions of Windows just because they all have IE installed?? I wonder what he may think about me, who are using IE 8 Beta….

    And if I were him, i’d use Win98 SE instead of 95. Much more stable.
    If he really wants to use Win95, why doesn’t he use a Virtual PC??
    I’ve virtualized PC running WIn 95/98/ME/NT4 DOS6.2&Win3.11FW, 200 pro AND Windows Neptune.

    It’s sooooo simple.

    A last thing.


    @Carrion Crow
    What’s wrong with the Win9X interface??
    It’s a classic, isn’t it??

  8. To each his own. If he likes using Windows 95, then what’s all the fuss about?
    I currently use XP and think it is quite stable, but I abhor Vista. I could see myself using XP for another 10 years and then people will make fun of me like they make fun of the man using Win95. There’s no way I’m going to fork over hundreds of $$$ just to use a newer, bloated OS which probably won’t be any faster or more stable than XP is.

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