How I spent my summer vacation, part 1

There is no scene on earth quite like the Telluride Bluegrass Festival.


Sadly, the four days are over, the car is unpacked, and that wristband won’t get me through any more gates. But I have a few hundred photos to edit this week and I’ll be sharing some thoughts on digital media as well.

3 thoughts on “How I spent my summer vacation, part 1

  1. Telluride is beautiful but I can take only small doses of Bluegrass.

    How do YOU approach editing/sorting hundreds of photos? And do you enjoy doing it? I find stuff like that has lost its thrill for me.

  2. Fogot to ask: how did the webinar go? I was at the orthodontist’s office with my daughter getting her braces off. Will your portion be available for online viewing?

  3. Although I am very sure the scenery was better, Chicago Bluesfest is more my choice of beverage…

    And if you want to learn about the history of the banjo, check out a picker from that neighborhood: Otis Taylor.

    He is a bluesman that has traced the history of the banjo back to West Africa.

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