One thought on “Still crazy

  1. After reading a few of the Cringely quotes (I didn’t think Thurrott’s commentary really added much, so I largely skipped over it), it is clear the man doesn’t have a decent grasp of reality and sees things through Apple-shaped lenses. That said, I think he actually managed to touch on something that Microsoft doesn’t seem to get…it is time for the wall between business and personal productivity software to come down. I have had personal hosted Exchange email and a Moto Q for well over a year and I don’t remember what life was like before. Microsoft has some fantastic applications that would improve the lives of consumers that are targeted only at the business space, and with S+S becoming mainstream (and removing the impediment of administration) they could offer hosted accounts to consumers and break down the wall people have between work and home (except where such walls are necessary for business reasons). Apple (ironically) may be the one to bring Exchange to the masses, when Microsoft could have done so years ago.

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