Friday dog blogging

I just replaced my five-year-old Canon PowerShot digital camera with a new Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX35. How to test its high-speed burst mode? I know! Let’s invite a rambunctious puppy over to play with our slightly older but still rambunctious puppy!

This is Doogie (aka Duke), the visitor:

Doogie portrait

And here are Doogie and Mackie after an hour or so of nonstop romping in the backyard:

Doogie and Mackie

The perspective on that second shot is interesting. Mackie, in back, is easily three times the size of his little friend, but you wouldn’t know it from this shot.

OK, back to work. For me, I mean, not them.

6 thoughts on “Friday dog blogging

  1. My mixed-breed beagle was also named Duke! Unfortunately, he died of a brain tumor a couple of years ago.

  2. More on the dogs and the camera! 😛
    I’ve always been a Panasonic fan.
    What’s the response time from button-to-shutter? Can you get the (dog) faces you try for? 🙂

  3. Hobbes, I was able to get a couple decent shots of Doogie in portrait mode. I couldn’t quantify the button-to-shutter time. It was a vast improvement over the old camera, but that’s to be expected when you’re replacing five-year-old tech. I was really impressed with the burst mode, which is perhaps the only way to get a decent shot of two dogs who are pretty much making goofy faces and looking the wrong way 90% of the time.

    More later.

  4. Cool Pics I just bought my daughter the Lumix for her birthday she’s been trying it out on our Brittany. So far we’re very impressed with camera.

  5. I can see that they’re very tired, but where are the rompin’ pics? Let’s see some action!

    A couple of serious questions: Is burst mode available by holding down the shutter button in every mode, or do you have to use a special setting?

    Also, have you tried the movie mode?


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