I’m on the air tonight

I’ll be a guest on Craig Crossman’s Computer America show tonight (with co-host Carey Holzman). We’ll be talking about Windows Vista Service Pack 1, my five-part Fixing Windows Vista series at ZDNet (the final installment, on Windows Search, is up now), and whatever else strikes our fancy.

The show’s on from 10PM to midnight, Eastern time, which is a more reasonable 8-10PM in my part of the world and a downright civilized 7-9PM for you Left Coasters.

You can probably find a local radio station, but it’s easier to listen online:


Got a question for me? Call in, or leave a message at the show’s site, or leave a comment here.

3 thoughts on “I’m on the air tonight

  1. Another home run! Appreciate the link to latest search. And, I too, really like how MS are improving Search!

  2. I love the new search gadget, although search has always worked great. Give Carey and Craig hell, Damn Vista haters! Be nice to listen live but not where we live. I’ll check out the podcast version in a few days.

  3. I really liked how each time they had some common off-the-cuff remarks about how Vista was SO much worse than XP, you came in and were like “actually….. that’s not the case”.

    Just goes to show that there aren’t very many people out there that know their stuff. In this day & age you can give anyone a website, blog or radio show and all of the sudden they’re an expert!

    Keep up the good work though, Ed. Hopefully that’s two more enlightened people in the world.

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