Dear Microsoft, please hire this guy

Robert McLaws has had a busy week. I believe it qualifies as unfortunate timing when you have to juggle waiting in the maternity wing and judging 31 video entries in your share of the HP-sponsored 31 Days of the Dragon contest.

You can see the three runners-up and the winner here. Like Robert, I was blown away by this entry (Robert said "after 2 seconds, I was picking my jaw up off the keyboard"). I hope that Microsoft’s new ad agency takes a good long look at what he’s done and maybe even buys it.

Very smart.

A little later: In the comments, Dave points out that Robert thinks Microsoft should hire the guy who created the runner-up. I agree that that entry was the most polished, production-wise, but it reminds me too much of other things Microsoft has done, in that it tries to tell me how useful and awesome Windows Vista is instead of showing me, which is what Nathan Hamersley of Rittman, OH did in the winning entry.

Here’s the runner-up from Dave the Dragon. You decide.

6 thoughts on “Dear Microsoft, please hire this guy

  1. Hey man,
    if you read closer, Robert was saying “dear Microsoft hire this guy “about the second entry. Not the winner.

  2. Either one of these is much better than Microsoft’s efforts. They are simple and on point. Of course, there were no committees used in the development, creation and execution of these concepts.

  3. First one is nice. Second one is rather lame, IMHO.
    Isn’t jaw dropping by any means though.

  4. I’m not sure how well the winner would do as an actualy “commercial” (hard enough to read that paper when I’m TRYING to pay attention) but I do like how they show the features in use.

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