8 thoughts on “Hey, I work for CBS now!

  1. Too bad it wasn’t Fox that bought CNET. Then maybe you’d be able to fix Mossberg’s Sony laptops that he has so much trouble with πŸ˜‰

  2. I hear they’re looking for a new anchor for CBS Evening News. Now that you’re alredy an insider, this might be your chance!

  3. Katie Couric: “And now we go to a live feed with Ed Bott, who is standing by at the expected initial landing point of the sunami.”

    “So Ed, tell me, what is it like switching from accomplished author and Internet blogger to a field weather reporter?”

    “Uhm Ed? Ed? Are you there, Ed? Ed, that looks like a lot of water surrounding the camera.”

    “Swim Ed, Swim!”

  4. Unfortunately, it isn’t GE/NBC buying out CNET/ZD. In hurricanes and tsunamis they put their reporters in canoes in six inches of water and have them pretend to paddle. It’s much safer that way. With CBS the reporters have to actually cover the news. It’s practically barbaric.

  5. Oooh. Sorry to hear that, buddy. Please don’t quit ZDNet, you bring intelligence to that blog! And the reaosn I say that is that once CBS management spreads it tenticles down into your org, they strangle out management, stab people in the back, bring in their own people, weezle lie and are down right deceptive. Anyway, welcome to the er, “family” (yeah, maybe the Osbourne family…)

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