Friday’s uncensored jukebox

I seem to be doing this once a quarter. (The last time was in January, just after CES.) If you’ve never seen this feature before, go read the original rules here.

And without further ado, here’s this Friday’s random top 10:

  1. Until The Day I Die, Steve Earle, Transcendental Blues
  2. Down Home Waltz, Buck White, Bluegrass Mandolin Extravaganza
  3. Little Red Corvette, Prince, 1999
  4. El Paso, The Grateful Dead, Road Trips, Vol. 1
  5. Can’t Find Me Brother, Red Plastic Bag, Rebel Soca
  6. Never Again, Richard Thompson, Small Town Romance
  7. John Saw That Number, Neko Case, Live at the 930
  8. Desolation Row (Alternate Take 1), Bob Dylan, No Direction Home (Soundtrack)
  9. Janey, Don’t You Lose Heart, Bruce Springsteen, Tracks (Disk 3)
  10. Mbola Tsara, Rossy, Putumayo Presents the Best of World Vocals, Volume 1

Ironic note: A different version of Neko Case’s John Saw That Number was on my last installment.

So what’s on your list?

Off to see Wilco tonight.

5 thoughts on “Friday’s uncensored jukebox

  1. Running One [Large Mix] – Johnny Klimek – Run Lola Run Soundtrack
    Legend of the Lake – Kazu Matsui – Bamboo
    Final Sunset – Brian Eno – Music for Films
    As Night Falls – Trial of the Bow – Rite of Passage
    We Put It Down For Y’All – Busta Rhymes – Anarchy
    Murder Inc. – Murder Inc. – Murder Inc.
    S.W.A.P. – Takkyu Ishino – Karaokejack
    Ribbons – The Sisters of Mercy – Vision Thing
    School Work – Ornette Coleman – Complete Science Fiction Sessions
    Niwa-Tori Otoko to Akai Kubi #1 – Robot Carnival Soundtrack


    Meat-A-Delic – Hanatarash – Hanatarash 4

  2. I’ll play along as well.

    Novel Writing [Live from Wessex], Monty Python, The Final Rip off
    Lights, Journey, Greatest Hits
    Antiphon-Alma Redemptoris Mater-Mode v Benedictine Monks of Sanot Domingo
    No. 13 Baby, The Pixies, Doolittle
    Something Must Break, Joy Division, Heart and Soul
    Too Much Love, Patty Smyth, Patty Smyth
    My Bad Side, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Seminar
    Batallia Downs, Various Artists, Final Fantasy XI Soundtrack
    Morning Sunlight, Various Artists, Chrono Symphonic-Fire and Light
    The Unknown Soldier, The Doors, The Best of the Doors

    Yep, just a lil eclectic.

  3. Wow, it was 70s night tonight!

    Fire and Rain, James Taylor
    Miracles, Jefferson Starship
    Hot Fun in the Summertime, Sly and the Family Stone
    Then Came You, Dionne Warwicke with the Spinners
    Feel Like Makin’ Love, Roberta Flack
    Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny), Elton John
    Rainy Days and Mondays, Carpenters
    Sun Goes By, Dr. Music
    Makes Me Wonder, Maroon 5
    The Gambler, Kenny Rogers

  4. Cheer up Boys – Foo Fighters
    Running out of Days – Three Doors Down
    Jimmy – Tool
    The Letter – The Clarks
    Shock to the System – Yes
    Freewill – Rush
    Stage – Live
    Breed – Nirvana
    Cure for the Itch – Linkin Park
    The Post War Dream – Pink Floyd

  5. Superstition-Sevie Wonder
    Rosie’s Cantina-Marty Robbins
    Freedom For The Stallion- Alvin Lee
    Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy- Bad Company
    Eight Miles High- Rodger McGuinn
    Grocery Soldier-Lee Michaels
    Cold Sweat- James Brown
    Give Me 40 Acres-Willis Brothers
    Samba Pa Ti- Santana
    Baby It’s Cold Outside- Dean Martin

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