5 thoughts on “Social recommendations gone mad

  1. Perhaps this was a little “going away present” planted within their network by Steve Ballmer!? (kidding, of course!)

  2. Ed,
    Do you subscribe to Yahoo! Music Unlimited? I do and I personally love it. I’m so upset that they are shutting down the service and sending everyone over to Rhapsody. I mean how can you beat $5 a month for all you can stream and to hear almost every piece of music that comes down the pike.

  3. Dan, I do indeed have a Yahoo Music Unlimited subscription and love it just as much as you do. I am waiting to see what happens with Rhapsody and am prepared to see a pretty sickening price increase. My sub is prepaid through July 2009; let’s see if they honor it.

    Chustar, if you haven’t checked out Yahoo Music Unlimited, you’re missing out.

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