Two thumbs up for this fingerprint reader

A few weeks back my buddy the PC Doctor went off in search of a fingerprint reader that would work on Vista 64-bit. He found Eikon’s Digital Privacy Manager, which I bought, based on his recommendation, for $50 from MyGearStore through Amazon.

Verdict: It works great. I really like the convenience of being able to log on to websites and secure applications (like Outlook) with a swipe of the finger rather than having to enter complex, hard to memorize passwords.


And here’s a scoop: UPEK has a new version of its Protector Suite QL control program with a few noticeable improvements over the one that came on the CD with the device itself. The download page for Protector Suite version 5.8 is well hidden; I found it via a pop-up bulletin, which appeared in response to a problem report I sent off using Microsoft’s Problem Reports and Solutions application. It promised to solve that issue and also offered "security and stability improvements." No problems, so far. And the latest driver has really improved performance and accuracy for me.

Highly recommended.

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