OK, who has a Live Mesh invite?

I’m on the waiting list, but surely someone out there can move me to the front of the rope line. Anyone?

Update: Wow, that was fast. Thanks, Benjamin.

Looks like I will have a few invites to pass along shortly but want to look around first. If you’re interested in getting an invite, leave a comment.

Update 1-May: I’m all out of invites. Sorry. If I get any more, I’ll contact people who left comments below. Meanwhile, I’m closing comments to avoid disappointing anyone new.

49 thoughts on “OK, who has a Live Mesh invite?

  1. Please put me down as well.
    I would love a chance to kick the tires, thanks!

  2. I’m on the waiting list as well but wouldn’t mind getting a little head start. Thanks!

  3. I’m also on the waiting list, but I’d also like to get an invite if possible. Live Mesh sure sounds great.


  4. I was thinking of writing an add-in for Windows Home Server to do file synchronization, with all files hosted and duplicated on the server.

    I would love to get an invite to see if its still worth writing such an app.

  5. Ed, your informative, fun, and always authoritative blog has already made my IT life rich–could I trouble you for one final Treasure in the form of an early Live Mesh invite?

  6. Can someone give me an invite please. Much apprieciated!

    harrisongreilly AT hotmail.co.uk

  7. This looks like a really nifty piece of technology. I have a computer at school, work, and home; so its something that really intrigues me

  8. Would love to get an invite Ed…interested in taking a stab at a development idea I had recently, and this seems like the perfect platform.

  9. I’d love an invite, but I don’t expect that at this point you have any left. 🙂

  10. I would sell a lung for invite (well not really, but I would really be gratefull 🙂 )


  11. I suppose if I have to ask, I don’t need to know, but what is Live Mesh, if you don’t mind?

    — Tim

  12. This is interesting. It’s basically a consumer focused version of Microsoft Groove with a web front end. Combine this with a web-based Office suite and mobile device support and you’ve got placeless computing. Good stuff.

  13. Jumpin’ on the “can i have an invite if you have one” bandwagon! thanks for your consideration!

  14. Oh Ed,

    You glorious human being. Man of such knowledge and grace…sorry enough brown-nosing. I would very much like one of your tasty invites and can think of numerous ways to repay you, but am thinking your a classy fellow and will just take my thanks in return. Much love if you can swing it Ed.

    That being said, who’s ready for the weekend?!?

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