4 thoughts on “Deep thoughts

  1. Yes Ed, but are you wondering why the writers of the Windows Secrets newsletter say you’re wrong and it’s OK to ignore the Windows EULA and install Vista even if you don’t qualify for an upgrade?

    FWIW I agree with you, if I have to agree to the EULA then I have to abide by its terms–no matter who knows about any workarounds and no matter who left them in the program.

  2. I’d never read Windows Secrets before Langa sold out to them and I unsubscribed after about the third email. I just didn’t like it.

    Their statements on the upgrade are strange. If you have to own a previous version of Windows to be eligble to upgrade, how can you go buy the upgrade and then upgrade it as though it’s a previous version? That doesn’t make sense. You didn’t own a version prior to buying the upgrade. So they’re saying it’s ok to upgrade an upgrade?

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