Another scoop from Long Zheng

Windows supersleuth Long Zheng hooks up with an “anonymous and disgruntled Microsoft employee” and uncovers a new Windows Vista sound scheme that will ultimately be released as an Ultimate Extra.

Very cool. Sounds like something Robert Fripp would have done 10 years ago when he was still cool. I have no idea whether it will sound as good tomorrow, though.

5 thoughts on “Another scoop from Long Zheng

  1. When he was still cool? King Crimson will be touring in a couple of months. Get out and see them and I think you’ll find old Uncle Bob can still be “cool” 🙂

  2. Artie, that’s why I put that last sentence in my post here. “I don’t know if it will sound as good tomorrow.” Get it?

    These are the sounds from Windows Me.

  3. Mike, that was another example of humor that was just a little too subtle. The sound files are from 2000, so I was trying to hint that they’re not really new.

    Maybe next time I’ll just put a big April Fool banner on the thing…

  4. Nope, consider me an eejit and leave it at that. I did eventually follow the link and then realized I was squawking over an April Fools joke. I guess it worked! 🙂

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