DirecTV’s Media Center tuner to go into beta test?

Engadget HD reports:

While the rest of us wait for the mythical DirecTV Windows Media Center tuner, some are apparently lucky enough to be a part of the beta program to test the HDPC-20.

About time. This was announced in January 2006, fer cryin’ out loud.

I gave up on DirecTV two months ago in favor of a dual-CableCARD system with Comcast, so I’m not likely to get an invite. Of course, the dish is still installed on my roof, and reconnecting it wouldn’t be too difficult…

I mean, it’s not like anyone would actually want to compare the cable and satellite alternatives side by side, would they?

9 thoughts on “DirecTV’s Media Center tuner to go into beta test?

  1. I, too, had DirecTv but gave up on them when I switched over to HD and had problem after problem with the DTV HR20 DVR. I switched back to cable after 8 years and the local channel HDs (ABC,CBS,NBC.PBS and Fox) look much better than direcTv’s harshly compressed local HD affiliates. Truth be told, I also switched from DSL to cable internet and the selection of programming available on the web has me thinking about ditching cable TV too.

  2. I’d been really curious to know how DirectTV is selecting people for the Beta, if this is true. How would DirectTV know if I’m running Vista MCE?

    That said, I’ll be switching to DirectTV as soon as this thing is available.


  3. I want this tuner badly. I’m looking for a decent upgrade from my dual tuner DirecTivo and nothing makes me happy. The DirecTV DVRs suck. Connecting sat boxes to a WMC box is too much of a hassle.

  4. Completely off topic… but your take on Windows Onecare 2.0 would make for an interesting column. My apologies for intruding upon this thread but I tend to take your word as gospel and could use some backup and extra ammunition for skirmishes with apostates. Ta!

  5. Now I’d really like to get in on this beta. My DirecTivo in the bedroom crapped out over the weekend.

    Meanwhile, in the family room I’m getting used to the HR-21 (DirecTV’s HD DVR). It ain’t no Tivo, but it’s not as bad as I had feared.

  6. @Stephen: Thanks for that tip.

    This just happened yesterday, and I haven’t had a chance to do any diagnostics yet. All I know is that after struggling to boot, it comes up with a message that says “Severe Error.”

  7. After using cable for 20 years, I switched to DirectTV three years ago. It has been up 99.99999% of the time. When I moved from one state to another, they reinstalled it without charge. It was recently up graded to show caller ID. I am thoroughly satisfied with it. I hope I can be selecte3d for the beta test.

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