7 thoughts on “Hilarious

  1. That would seem to be the case.

    Unless you’re such an Apple fan that you’ve applied an Apple decal to your PC, in which case I suppose it could technically be considered an “Apple-labeled computer.”

  2. Part of their plan for world domination. Install it, sue the users and have the terms be they have to switch to a Mac.

  3. That’s nothing … Apple are pushing the browser to Win2K users. If you can actually get the browser to install, it does little more than crash!

  4. It appears that nobody noticed that the same condition has (occasionally) existed for QuickTime for Windows™, at least since 7.2. The EULA in some of the updates had this clause, whereas the full download from the site didn’t.

    This sort of lack of attention to detail gives me no faith in Apple’s QA or release management.

  5. Be cool. It’s allowed for Apple. If MS would do this – they will be sued by EU Commission immediately..

  6. That’s the cherry on top. First Apples uses opt-out (which is allways bad) to push Safari, then it turns out, that Safari for Windows has 2 security problems and now they tell us, that we’re not allowed to use Safari for Windows – well, on a windows-computer.

    On the other hand – in the past 5 years I’ve bought 4 Apple machines (Mini, 12″-PB, 20″-iMac, MacBook – really excellent computers, btw), each comes with two Apple-Logo-Stickers. So I can turn 8 Windows-PC into Apple-labeld computers.

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