Vista SP1 gets a wider release

The RTM code is now available for download by MSDN and TechNet Plus subscribers.

For TechNet Plus, you’ll find the x86 and x64 standalone installers and an ISO image of the DVD containing both installers in the Top Downloads section. It is not in the Subscriber Downloads and Product Keys section yet (this TechNet Plus blog entry explains the rationale for that).

Neither site has an SP1-integrated Vista installation disk yet; that’s promised for later this month.

18 thoughts on “Vista SP1 gets a wider release

  1. Scott, go to the MSDN Subscriptions page and scroll down to Top Downloads. It’s not on the regular Downloads page yet and probably won’t be till the crush subsides.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I assume the executable version (434 mb) checks Windows Update and the DVD version at (1.13 gb) doesn’t?

  3. I was able to install the Messenger client software on another computer and sign in, but on my main system, even uninstalling and reinstalling wouldn’t fix the problem.

  4. Be careful when you update. Outlook 2007 crashes immediately on my freshly installed SP1 and currently there does not seem to be a resolution from looking around the web and reading similar tales. It does not (yet?) appear to be a widespread issue, but it is definitely real. I downgraded to RTM until a solution is found from Microsoft, but am shocked that their own software doesn’t play well with SP1.

  5. Ed,

    Thank you for your response, but I respectfully disagree. Outlook 2007 worked perfectly as of last evening; I then upgraded to Vista SP1 and it immediately started crashing. I downgraded to Vista RTM and Outlook returned to its proper behaviour. This certainly looks like an incompatibility (under certain circumstances) that was not caught during testing. I am glad it is not widespread or affecting you, but it is very real and reproducible here simply by upgrading to Vista SP1. There is a thread on Technet that talks about this as well, although without any resolution so far:

  6. SP1 is already available through the well known registry patch/Windows Update. I already got the Dutch version through Windows Update.

    Windows Vista SP1 x86 32bit
    Official build number : 6001.18000.080118-1840

    And it is not the Beta version of SP1

  7. OMG

    Only a complete idiot could have had the crazy idea to scrap the (advanced) search button that has been on the start menu ever since!

    How can the search button be restored (a fix in the registry perhaps?)

  8. I’m also experiencing the Outlook 2007 crashes. It worked perfectly before SP1. Go Microsoft! One would think they wouldn’t break their own software with patches.

  9. I also had Outlook crash upon opening after installing Vista SP1. Reinstalling Office didn’t change anything. I had to roll back to a pre-SP1 System Restore point to get Outlook working again. Has anyone figured out a fix?

  10. Has anyone with this Outlook issue actually contacted Microsoft? They have free support for SP1 related issues. Link is in the ZDNet piece.

    Also, has anyone tried creating a new Outlook profile to see if the problem continues to occur?

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