I, Robot

I found this Slashdot comment (a response to this original post) amusing:

Now I know he’s a Microsoft robot but on the other side of this issue is Ed Bott [zdnet.com] who cites adoption rates.

If it turns out I really am a Microsoft robot, I’ll have to see if I can get a guest shot on the new Terminator show. (As Long Zheng has already documented, the first few episodes have had some in-your-face Vista placements.)

3 thoughts on “I, Robot

  1. For you, this may be amusing. But for me, becoming a robot is a serious matter.

    You see, I was taken away in the middle of the night and woke up in Redmond.

    They implanted me with nano-bots. No, you can’t see them but I know they are there…

    Now, when the Vista startup sound plays I actually -like- it. I’ve even become a Tech Net subscriber. Geeze, when will it all end…

  2. It’s only a matter of time before everything becomes grey goo. Meanwhile, Steve Jobs will be fervently promoting beige goo.

  3. Better hurry on that new Terminator show — each episode is getting worse! Actually a good discussion among the cited articles in that slashdot post, splitting hairs between Vista sales and continued annual losses by Microsoft overall. The Wall Street apes seem to love all things Apple, which is funny considering Jobs is begging folks not to sell the stock the last two weeks.

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