10 thoughts on “Why I am not a gamer

  1. No kidding. Playing some of these games is harder than real work, and more frustrating.

  2. I’m 36 and have been playing video games of some sort my whole life. The main game I play on Xbox Live is Madden versus some of my out of town friends. That game has become so complex and intricate that it just isn’t much fun anymore.

    If you don’t know every single button and play at least 2 hours a day you don’t stand a chance against some high school kid or even most grade school kids. Most of them also aren’t the most ‘sportsmanlike’ winners.

    Not to go off topic but that is why the Wii is so successful. (We have one of those as well.) Its not hard to play, its not complex, its just fun. I bowl and play golf against my 5 year old daughter and I can bowl and play golf against my buddies.

  3. Not all games take 20-30 hours or are twitch fests. There are some that you can just relax with friends on like Uno or some other board and card games. You might say why not play in person, well if your friends are 1000’s of miles a way this is the next best thing.

  4. I have to agree with Aaron about the Wii. Arin, my youngest son has been collecting gaming consoles. Between pawn shops, Ebay and Christmas presents, he has collected every console and portable from Sega, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony (except the PS3) made since he was born. The Wii is the only machine that regularly finds its way onto the family room TV. You should try one. With the basic games of bowling, golf, tennis and baseball, I’m sure you would find something addictive in the mix.

  5. I tried a Wii at my brother’s house over the holidays and loved it. It was definitely fun for the whole family and I didn’t feel like a complete spaz while playing it. I truly understand its success compared to console games with their arcane button sequence pushes and hidden knowledge.

  6. I don’t know about that wii. I had a boxing match with a nine year old girl. My fists were a blur of hooks, jabs and uppercuts. She was just flicking her arms like she was throwing flower petals to elves AND SHE BEAT ME! Of course the fact that I had to stop ever so often to catch my breath might have something to do with it.

  7. Sorry that his is offtopic but I read your “windows backup” walkthrough on the microsoft website. I tried to use this tool yesterday on my 5 raide workstation and it didn’t work. I’m considering trying to remove my schedualed backup (they are listed in the calendar even though they did not work – and did place an icon on the drive I wanted to back up to – but I see no back up files anywhere). I don’t know how to remove the events? I’ve tried to google “stop windows backup” and other search term to remove the events, but can’t find any thing about that part of it? Could you help me? Thank you so much!

  8. Oh man, it is so true that you have to be an absolute specialist to play many of the online games on the market today. There are just so many man-hours spent pouring over any given game that all the faults in the rules are quickly discovered and exploited.

    I still play single-player games that have the handy difficulty slider though.

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