D-Link and Linksys delay their v2 extenders?

Sometime last week, the folks at Linksys quietly updated their product page for the next generation Vista-compatible Media Center extenders. Where it used to say “Coming in November,” the page now reads, “Coming soon.”

Meanwhile, Chris Lanier picked up a tidbit from the Green Button forums, where a poster heard that D-Link has delayed shipments of its DSM-750 extenders until “end of Dec/early Jan.”

Would it kill these people to actually put out a news release or contact some people in the community with authoritative information? Sheesh.

[Update: I just got confirmation from a D-Link spokesperson that the DSM-750 has indeed been delayed. Review units will not be available until mid-December at the earliest, which means that units for the retail channel won’t be ready until the new year. Bummer.]

{Another update: No review units, but as of late December I have purchased two Linksys extenders, which are working well. Details here.]

12 thoughts on “D-Link and Linksys delay their v2 extenders?

  1. This is sad to me. I think they might as well just hold out until CES in January.
    Meanwhile, Xbox360 sales will go way up because I might a well have something that plays games since the price points are so close. Especially now with deep holiday discounts.

  2. Hey Scott, if you want an Xbox 360 let me know. I’ve got two and am getting rid of one now and one later. Ask about the special commenter’s discount. 😉

  3. Microsoft seems to be having problems with its partners actually shipping their tech lately. What the heck ever happened to that Yahoo Messanger for Vista?

  4. I think this is just a devious ploy by Microsoft to push xBox360 sales in the pre-christmas period.

    As another poster said, at the price difference, what’s the point buying an extender when an xBox 360 is virtually the same price…

    …the price of silence…that seems to be the only reason.

    I swear, at this rate, Apple could steal the show if they get their act together faster than MS and actually deliver a working environment that allows for easy and quiet recording of TV shows (Ref: Burst v Apple Press Release referring to free use of Burst’s DVR patents by Apple).

    The past record of MS on hardware support is pretty dire:

    Sidewinder hardware – Support withdrawn
    V1 Extenders – Not well promoted and now withdrawn
    Portable Media Players – Support withdrawn
    V2 Extenders – Announced and never available for ever!

    Makes me wonder why we bother – it’s only because there is really no viable (consumer friendly) alternative …YET.

  5. “what’s the point buying an extender when an xBox 360 is virtually the same price…”

    Noise. Or, more accurately, silence.

    Don’t tell MS, but I would pay a premium to avoid the noise of the Xbox 360 as a media device. (When using it as a gaming console, I’m not bothered as much by the noise.)

  6. Ed, have you used one of the 360 Elite yet? I am not noticing the same noise that you are reporting. Right now I have nothing on in the house save a HP Slimline (that I am typing on), a fridge, an IBM as my media center, and the 360 (streaming media center even though the television is off.) The slimline PC is slightly louder than the 360, and that is not by much. I am going to have to second the above poster concerning extenders. They automatically priced themselves out of the running when compared to the 360. I can’t justify their prices. I was hoping the prices would be closer to the original extenders, and since they aren’t it looks like it’s gonna be 360 time for me.

  7. I actually met with Linksys yesterday and the word they gave me was that the “official” launch date is 17 December with distributors having stock before the end of the year.

    Was not able to get a demo unit but did have a chance to play with the DMA2100 for a few minutes. The first thing I noticed was that it was smaller than I had thought, only about 6″ sq. and 1.25″ high., and of course completely silent.

    The experience was pretty much like that with VMC, a few things were missing like transitions on the slide show but overall I was pleased. If I am lucky enough to get a demo unit I will likely post a review at TGB and/or missingremote.com

  8. So what happened to this?
    No extenders till date! Looks like M$ is waiting for a CES launch. A few more days and we shall see.

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