Looking for a MediaSmart server?

Several people have asked me where they can order one of the HP MediaSmart servers I reviewed last week at ZDNet. I recommend Amazon.com, which currently has some decent discounts. Full disclosure: If you order through one of the links below I get a commission of a few bucks.

If you do order from Amazon, be sure to sign up for my November 29 webcast and use the promotional code on the signup page, which cuts $20 off the price.

Update: The Amazon $20 off code is 5KUHQHRB and can be entered at checkout.

5 thoughts on “Looking for a MediaSmart server?

  1. Ed, if anyone goes to the full product page, such as

    there is a special-offers link that makes the $20 coupon offer. (It also recommends the webcast series.)

    I had already ordered my EX475, so I had to cancel and re-order to get the order system to accept the code. Fortunately, they were still taking pre-orders and I must not have moved too far down in the first-come-first-served list. Since then, they have apparently exceeded their ability to fill orders this year and are declaring out of stock instead. (I am still expecting arrival between Christmas and New Years.)

    We’re excited about this holiday gift to ourselves. I’m looking forward to the last two webcasts too.

  2. Your article at ZDNet sure caught my attention. And I look forward to your webcast.

    I’ve always assumed that my diminutive business will one day need a server. At some point, we may outgrow QuickBooks for accounting and will need to migrate to something like Microsoft’s Dynamics accounting, which requires a server. We will outgrow Outlook for CRM, and will need to migrate to something like MS’s Dynamics CRM, or at least Outlook with Prophet on a server. And also, I’m intrigued with the notion of being able to plug a laptop (or tablet) into the office server-based network at the end of the day and automatically updating my Outlook files onto the notebook, taking the notebook home and edit my calendar, write some e-mails, add some To-Dos, then plug the laptop into the network in the morning and automatically update the data-set that appears on my desk computer.

    Problem is: All those big, thick reference books on maintaining Exchange Server environments, or Windows Small Business Server, look intimidating. Would this Home Server work for us? At least as an intermediate solution?

  3. Out of curiosity, do you run your server on a UPS? Have you had any experience with the stability of the backup under adverse shutdown conditions – eg. power failure, someone hits the off switch, etc.?

  4. David, all my PCs are plugged into UPSes. But I have tested this scenario, and the result is simply a failed backup, which appears in the list of backups with an exclamation point. It gets resolved the next day…

  5. Thanks much for the UPS info. I also suspect the truly wary will need a separate backup device for the server itself so they can take files offsite.

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