Vista SP1, anyone?

It never fails. Microsoft always, always releases important updates when I’m traveling. This week, I’m on the road in Redmond, meeting with several product teams at Microsoft in preparation for an update to Windows Vista Inside Out (and also participating as a judge in the Windows Home Server Code2Fame contest). So, naturally, SP1 was released yesterday. (The first beta release, that is… Not the final version, which is due sometime in Q1 2008.)

Downloading the very large standalone installer via my hotel’s Internet connection wasn’t an option, and I wouldn’t risk knocking this notebook out of service in mid-trip anyway. So I’ll wait and get to it on Thursday, when I’m back in the office.

Meanwhile, if you’re a beta tester and you’ve installed the bits already, leave a comment.

9 thoughts on “Vista SP1, anyone?

  1. Here are two minor bugs in Vista you might test/confirm in SP1 – and maybe help quash:

    (1) Shortcuts for optical drives on the desktop are supposed to be dynamic and they do just work in Wxp. But in every Vista system I have seen, they always fail. If they display the autorun icon of the inserted disk, which is rare, it gets stuck indefinitely – until Vista’s icon cache is flushed manually. Reported this to Microsoft in February.

    (2) I’m not sure this is a Vista bug, but I have seen it in every Vista system. Gadgets in the Sidebar periodically shift position. If you have a lot of them, its really irritating. Like icons in the Quick Launch tool bar, Sidebar should lock the gadgets – I would think.

    Thanks & good luck!

  2. I had the DISTINCT feeling you would think that! 😀 I was going to sit down and take it apart, and then thought, “Y’know — Ed eats people like this for breakfast, let’s see what he says.”

  3. Microsoft extends XP.
    Mike Nash, Microsoft corporate vice president, Windows product management, put a brave face on the decision, claiming that, “While we’ve been pleased with the positive response we’ve seen and heard from customers using Windows Vista, there are some customers who need a little more time to make the switch to Windows Vista.”

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