Any Drobo users out there?

I’m reviewing the Drobo right now and am looking for some real-world user experiences. Besides your overall impressions, I’m especially interested in learning how you’ve used this device and whether you’ve noticed issues with noise.

If you’ve got a Drobo, leave a comment here. If you’d prefer to communicate offline, drop me an e-mail message: ed[hyphen]blog[at]bott[dot]com.

6 thoughts on “Any Drobo users out there?

  1. How would this go connected up to Windows Home Server?

    As WHS balances storage, would this be a ‘double balance’ and you would have no idea where the data was if something crashed?

  2. I’ll be discussing in my review. Short answer is that WHS sees this as a single drive. If you plug Drobo in as a secondary drive on WHS you could configure Shared Folders to be not duplicated.

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