Vista fixes available

Robert McLaws passes along the news that the two hotfix packages Microsoft has been testing for the past few weeks are now available for download. I’m linking to the Knowledge Base articles on the theory that you should read the instructions before you start downloading or installing either one.

Windows Vista Performance Update:

Windows Vista Reliability Update:

For what it’s worth, I’ve tested the beta versions of these hotfixes and experienced no problems. Your mileage may vary. I’ll install on a couple of other machines and see what happens.

And no, this is not SP1.

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12 thoughts on “Vista fixes available

  1. Using copy and paste out of explorer, 592 meg of files (around 3800 of them) took four minutes doing it the Windows Explorer copy and paste way, and around two minutes for the same job using RoboCopy.

    By the way, both patches installed on my 32bit Home Basic ThinkPad T43p without any problems.

  2. i want the leaked sp1 updates 😦

    i wanted to beta test sp1 updates, but had no way of doing so.

    so far sp1 is looking good
    based on these two updates

  3. Ed, if you have any MS contacts, could you ask them to clarify what “Poor memory management performance occurs” means in Q938979? They might as well have said “And other fixes” for all the help that is.

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