Who wants a Dell PowerEdge 600SC server?

Update: No more e-mails, please. The lucky recipient is an elementary school where a longtime reader and commenter works.

My last attempt to pass along a usable piece of hardware worked so well, I figure I’ll do it again.

For the past three years, I’ve had a Dell PowerEdge 600SC server running various builds of Windows 2003 Server here. It’s been a real workhorse, but it’s outlived its useful life for me. Which means it’s time to pass it along.

It’s got a 2.4GHz Pentium 4, plus 4GB of ECC RAM and a single 1600GB 160GB hard drive. (I will gladly toss in another 80 or 160GB drive or two – I have plenty of IDE drives hanging around.)

Now, this system was designed as a server, so it’s got a few design characteristics that make it unsuitable for use as a desktop. Like really limited onboard video, funky 5V PCI slots that don’t accept many standard cards, etc. In short, it’s not a hobbyist’s machine (unless your hobby is configuring servers).

Anyway, if you’re interested, send me a note and let’s talk. I could probably sell this on eBay for $200-300 but prefer to see it go to a good home, so extra points (and an extra discount) if you want to put it into service for a nonprofit or a school.

5 thoughts on “Who wants a Dell PowerEdge 600SC server?

  1. I’m a member of the Pastoral Council of Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Candler, FL. We’re a small parish in a relatively rural area. We have a 3-node peer-to-peer network. The server would certainly help provide centralized files and some much-needed security improvements.
    I’m also an IT consultant and would provide the installation of the server at no charge to the parish if you were willing to provide us with your used server.
    I appreciate you considering us and really appreciate you providing this opportunity to whoever you choose.
    Rick Mills

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