Where is the Linux support in Virtual Server?

One of the tools I use daily is Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1. (As an aside, could they have come up with a worse product name?)

Over the weekend I installed SUSE Linux 10.2 in a virtual machine. Took forever, but it’s working. Performance is awful, however, a situation that could easily be resolved if I could install the Virtual Machine Additions for Linux, which were originally released for use with Beta 1 of VS2005 R2 SP1 and updated last October. But since the official release of VS2005 R2 SP1 on June 11 those additions seem to have disappeared.

The Linux Guest Support for Virtual Server 2005 R2 page (dated April 3, 2006) is still available. It says the Virtual Machine Additions for Linux are available on Microsoft Connect, but it appears they were pulled when the beta program shut down.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think this is a conspiracy, I think someone at Microsoft just dropped the ball here.

If anyone from Microsoft is reading this, can you let the world know where these files have gone to?

5 thoughts on “Where is the Linux support in Virtual Server?

  1. “Performance is awful, however, a situation that could easily be resolved if I could install the are available on Microsoft .”

    The punch line got a little garbled.

  2. Would this have anything to do with Microsoft stating it will not support GPLv3 code between Vista and Novell?

    On a side note, I installed SLED 10-SP1 (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop) on my old machine a couple of weeks ago and have been impressed with its hardware support and speed. It looks for any Windows network connection during setup and does all the mounting for you. On top of that, much like Fedora 7, font clarity is exceptional, a persistent gripe of many Linux distros.

  3. No, I’m certain this has nothing to do with GPLv3 dust-ups. If that were the case and it were a conscious decision, the pages would have been edited to reflect that it was no longer available.

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