Which operating systems are you using?

Thanks to everyone who participated in my recent site survey, conducted by the good folks at Federated Media. We received an excellent response, and as promised I’m sharing some of the results here.

Of the five custom questions I added to the survey, I was most interested in seeing what operating systems you’re using. Here’s the result from the survey (note that numbers add up to more than 100% because of multiple responses).

Operating System % of Total
Windows XP 92.3%
Vista (any edition) 63.3%
Vista Ultimate 41.7%
Vista Home (Basic/Premium) 26.6%
Linux (any distro) 22.0%
Vista Business 16.2%
Mac OS X 12.4%
Windows 2000 8.9%
Windows 9X/Me 6.2%

Based on this survey, nearly two-thirds of the active visitors to this site (as opposed to people who get here via search engines) are using Windows Vista. More than 90% are using Windows XP. I sliced and diced the data a little further to see the relative positions of XP and Vista:

Operating System % of Total
Windows XP only 21.2%
XP and Vista (any edition) 25.5%
Windows Vista only 5.8%

One conclusion that these results have brought home for me is the sea change in how market shares get calculated. The rule used to be “one person, one computer.” According to this survey, more than 76% of you have at least three personal computers in your home, and more than 36% have five or more PCs at home. In that sort of environment, it’s not surprising that more than 20% of you would have at least one Linux box on the network and that roughly one in three have a non-Microsoft operating system (OS X or Linux or both) running on the same network as your Windows machines.

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4 thoughts on “Which operating systems are you using?

  1. I didn’t take your survey, but did fall into that cateory.

    5 computers
    2 desktops
    2 laptops
    1 Mac mini-OSX

    3 , 1 desktop, 2 laptops on Vista
    1 desktop on XP

  2. 5 Desktops XP
    1 laptop XP
    1 Desktop Vista

    Vista for testing only – Will NOT use it for real work.

  3. Also, dual booting. I only have one machine but often have some flavour of linux installed alongside XP.

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