2 thoughts on “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

  1. Thanks for the link. The writer’s blog is quite intriguing.

    However, as one author once responded to me, when I was a sophomore in high school railing against literary symbolism, about the hanging scene in the “Oxbow Incident”, sometimes “snow is just snow.”

  2. God, that guy is an idiot Bloomfield NJ is not near Princeton, Princeton is over 50 miles away! Saying a 50 mile away university is “near-by” is clueless and reaching just like the rest of his piece. I can’t stand the Sopranos because it in no way represents NJ not even remotely. All this show did is make people think that all of NJ looks like Newark and is full of idiots like Tony Soprano. I cannot for the life of me understand people’s obsession with low life losers like Tony Soprano. To think this guy makes the Sopranos out to be some deep intellectual show is ridiculous. I find the fact that shows like this are widely appealing to be a disturbing sign of society’s decline.

    Is Tony dead yet? Ley me know so I can throw a party.

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