Sorry about the comments

Well, it’s been an interesting week. I upgraded this site to WordPress 2.2 last week and since then pretty much nothing has worked right.

The latest hassle is that all comments were immediately flagged as spam, without notifying me. I just retrieved about 30 of them from the spam catcher.

I think/hope it’s all fixed now.

Meanwhile, if there are any WordPress experts out there, I’d love to know why just about every administrative task I try (like editing a template in the Theme Editor) is failing with a “You don’t have permission to do that” error. It’s happening to a lot of other people as well, based on the forums at, and no one seems to have an answer. File permissions are correct. This is a squeaky clean installation. I’ve disabled all plugins. Still no joy.


PS: Thanks to Jake for letting me know comments weren’t working. I just thought it was a quiet week.

Update: The WordPress bug is described here and here and here. This comment is a perfect description of what’s happening to me. However, the recommended fix (and this variant) do nothing to solve the problem. And just to reiterate, it’s not a file permission issue and it is not resolved by disabling all plugins. Ugh again.

Update 2: All fixed. Details here.

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8 thoughts on “Sorry about the comments

  1. I do know that a couple of versions back (2.0?) they added some feature to prevent someone sending you a malicious link that actually goes into your own wordpress blog and makes you delete a post or something. I suspect that might have something to do with that new script.

    That said, I don’t know how to fix it.

  2. Could you explain to us dummies out here why Vista
    needs to format a CD and burn only in Live File System format. After having Vista installed on a
    test maching I will only use XP to burn a CD. I
    have chucked a half dozen CD’s before giving up.

  3. Ray, the Live File System format (UDF) is the default, but you can choose the standard (Mastered) format when you burn. That format is readable on any CD drive.

    I’ll publish instructions in a follow-up post.

  4. I’ve been wrestling with this problem for weeks. I’m no expert — just a longsuffering amateur — but some solutions that worked for me are:

    making sure the path where new posts are written include the “www.” (WP’s default doesn’t include that as part of the URL). That fixed the problem for a while and has been the most common solution I’ve seen on WordPress’s forums.
    replacing the php file for new posts or the entire wp-admin folder MULTIPLE times (this quit working after a while — and it was a huge hassle)
    using a different browser when I access the admin interface. I was skeptical but tried this on the advice of my blog’s host, and it worked. Completely fixed it (knock on wood) for the past 3 days. I was using IE 7.0.5730.11 but now I’m using Opera 9.2.1.

    FYI. Hope that gives you some info that helps you track down the issue! :o)

    FYI#2: I use Windows XP operating system.


    D’oh! I’m so sorry. I saw “WordPress bug” and immediately thought of the issues I’ve been having — which are different. It wasn’t letting me write a new post or edit old ones. Since my blog is new, I don’t have any comments yet and haven’t run into the problem you’re having.

    Sorry about that — I’ll read more carefully next time.

  6. Carolyn, that information might be useful for someone who stumbles across this post, so I’m going to leave it up there. You make very reasonable suggestions and in fact I have tried some of your suggestions: using a different browser worked for one cycle, then failed, suggesting that cookies might be involved, and completely replacing the WordPress files (several times in fact!) did not make a difference at all.

    But those are excellent troubleshooting steps, and knowing that I tried them might help someone else narrow down the solution.

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