Cheap memory, anyone?

I have a few new PCs in the house and was wondering what it would cost to upgrade them. As it turns out, not much. normally charges a premium for its memory – a premium they well deserve for consistently delivering a great product with world-class service. So what’s the “premium” price for 2GB of RAM (two 1GB DDR2 modules), the kind that goes in top-of-the-line Dell machines today??

How does $79.99 sound?

Oh, and high-quality 500GB drives are just about ready to cross the $100 price point.

I better quit before I start sounding like Grandpa Simpson.

4 thoughts on “Cheap memory, anyone?

  1. That memory price is really new, though. Three months ago, it would’ve cost you $200. RAM prices dropped suddenly and rapidly, and I’m not complaining a bit.

    (Actually, now that RAM is so cheap, I’m mostly irritated that I can’t put more than about 3GB into a machine. When will 64-bit OSes actually be usable?)

  2. DDR I prices are still pretty steady though 😦 I’ve heard that the RAM makers are not going to drop prices further though. They will, instead cut down on production. I don’t think the RAM prices will stay low for long!

  3. And if you have some old computers that could use some more memory, the price isn’t so good. A few months ago, I could have paid half for what I actually bought this week, only to find out that once computer that was supposed to have PC3200 memory actually has PC4200 memory

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