Find your Vista product key

One of my favorite Windows utilities is Magical Jellybean Software’s Keyfinder. The latest beta version (Keyfinder 2.0 Beta 2–1/2) works with all versions of Windows XP and Office and with 32–bit versions of Windows Vista. (I discovered yesterday that it even works with VMWare product keys. Who knew?)

Alas, it doesn’t work with Windows Vista 64–bit versions. So how do you track down an installed product key if you’ve gone 64 bit? Use RJL Software’s Windows Product Key Viewer. It’s not as pretty or as comprehensive as Keyfinder, but it works.

8 thoughts on “Find your Vista product key

  1. Rats! I think the author doesn’t have access to a 64-bit edition of Windows, so I don’t know if he’ll be creating 64-bit ports of his programs anytime soon. Oh, well.

    Still, it’s great for those of us who still use the 32-bit editions of anything.

  2. Hey please tell me how to get a windows vista beta product key very fast.
    Thank you for reading

  3. Conan, if you’re willing to pay, you can purchase Windows Vista directly from Microsoft online at That’s the fastest way, but certainly not the cheapest.

  4. I’m closing comments because I’m tired of deleting posts from idiots asking someone to post a Vista product key. Sorry for those who have questions, but it’s really getting ridiculous.

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