What do you want to see in Vista’s Power Toys?

Over at ZDNet, I’m starting a list of suggestions for the Vista edition of Windows Power Toys. I started things with four entries from my wish list: a search toy, a Save My Settings widget, a Tweak UI-style way to move Public folders, and a point-and-click interface for Robocopy.

Go read the details and then add your suggestions to the list!


8 thoughts on “What do you want to see in Vista’s Power Toys?

  1. Better controls in Windows Photo Gallery. After I edit a picture I want the good old “save” and “Save As” options, and not be forced to auto-save that file. I might want to have the original version as well as the edited version of that picture.

    Why didn’t they have File/Save/SaveAs, etc in there in the first place?

  2. Robocopy has existed since at least the NT 4.0 Res Kit, it has been updated to add features. It is at least 10 years old at this point, still hard to believe no one knows about it.

  3. Good point, Brian. The NT4 and Windows 200 versions were the same, IIRC, and it was greatly improved with the 2003 Server release. Strangely enough, Robocopy was never made available in a place where it was explicitly listed as usable by XP users. It was only available with Server 2003 Res Kit.

  4. I would cry for joy if I installed Powertoys for Vista and saw a checkbox labelled “Disable Calculating Time Remaining” !

  5. Oh, and another thing….More controls and options for speech recognition when it is used in OneNote. Things like “start new page” or something similar.

    Oh and by the way bill, I did not see anything written in windows inside out on the speech recognition. Or did I just miss it in my search of the index? Incidentally, the previous sentence was dictated with speech recognition. The more I use it the more accurate it seems to be calm.
    Several months ago, you called OneNote a killer app. I certainly do agree with that!

  6. Reference my previous comment, notice that speech recognition printed “be calm” instead of “become”. Sometimes the errors can be somewhat amusing. Based on articles that I have read, the more you use it the more accurate it becomes. So, I am not ready to give up.

  7. I mean had to, not bill. Sorry about that. I think I need to go to sleep now, I’m getting chatty and hysterical.

  8. They are releasing “Power Toys” for Vista? I remember when these started coming out for XP, and thinking: “Hey… that probably should have been a feature of the OS. Not as a “toy.”” Truetype Tuning, TweakUI, a poor slide-show maker, a way to resize pictures… what-the-heck? I am so utterly disappointed with Vista that I think some ill-conceived power toys might send me over the edge. Sorry for the rant.

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