What’s up with Gartenberg?

This announcement from Michael Gartenberg is a total head-scratcher. Last month, he jumped to Microsoft’s payroll as “enthusiast evangelist.” This month, he jumps back:

But after much of thought [sic], I have decided not to remain with Microsoft and I am returning to JupiterResearch as of Monday 3/12.

I’m wondering what kind of breakdown in one’s training as an analyst it takes to misread the impact of a personal decision so thoroughly. And what sort of trigger does it take to convince one to publicly renounce a major, widely publicized decision so quickly?


5 thoughts on “What’s up with Gartenberg?

  1. I didn’t understand his initial decision and I understand this even less. As Fraser said, I’d love to know the answers to the questions you posed Ed. This is pretty bizarre.

    Seems to me Mr. Gartenberg just dealt his credibility as an analyst and Microsoft observer a huge blow with this ping pong career move. Whether he’s critical or supportive of anything Microsoft does from now on, his motives will be an issue in assessing the validity of every opinion he puts forth.

  2. I don’t believe it attacks his credibility, yet. So far it seems like he just didn’t want to trade his “lead role in a cage” for what may be a “walk on part in a war” that is being lost. It may serve to enhance his credibility, if he actually gives the details.

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