A Vista Hands On update

I’ve posted a couple of new entries in the Vista Hands On series over at ZDNet.

Vista Hands On #9: Use Vista for four months, free

You can install an evaluation copy of any Vista edition and use it for a minimum of 30 days without having to activate it. As several publications have already noted, you can renew this evaluation period a total of three times, extending the evaluation period to roughly 120 days. But this post contains a secret technique that no one has yet published: how to automatically “rearm” the trial period at the end of each 30 day period.

Vista Hands On #8: Delay activation

Microsoft doesn’t get enough credit for one major change in Windows Vista. Using the standard Setup program and installation media, you can install an evaluation copy of any Vista edition and use it for a minimum of 30 days. In essence, this makes Windows Vista the ultimate shareware program. But there’s a gotcha: By default, Windows automatically activates itself after three days. Unless you know how to shut down the timer.

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2 thoughts on “A Vista Hands On update

  1. Event after 120 you can ignore this message, simply pressing ctrl-shift-esc to start Task Manager and start windows explorer from there 🙂

    I still din’t activate my vista, though it’s a gift from MS (beta testing). Have no time to move on vista. and xp is still perfect…

  2. Is most of this in your “Inside Out” or should I be looking at both.

    BTW, At the B&N in my little town of Jensen Beach, FL, your book is stacked out “on the ‘Computers’ aisle”. It’s the first one that hits your eye as you browse. When I picked mine up, a lady said “Heavy reading”? I replied, “No, heavy duty authors.”
    She picked one up.

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