More Vista setup secrets

My Hands On Vista series continues at ZDNet. Here are the two latest installments:

Vista Hands On #3: Check your disk before upgrading

Before you even think of upgrading to Vista, check the disk you plan to install it on. Here’s why.

Vista Hands On #4: Clean install with an upgrade key

You’ve probably read all about the “Vista upgrade loophole.” Well, it’s not a loophole. It’s a useful and perfectly legal workaround to deal with an amazingly stupid technical restriction that Microsoft built into the Vista setup program. I’ve got the details and step-by-step instructions to work around it.

2 thoughts on “More Vista setup secrets

  1. As an aside, I’d encourage people to defrag after doing the FAT/FAT32-to-NTFS conversion. Or they can install Vista and let Vista do the cleanup post facto, come to think of it…

  2. Ed can you provide a tip like setting custom virtual memory so that harddrive activity will stop and user can finally complete the deframentation. I think letting Window manage the virtual memory automatically is a bad thing. If if user have 512mb, 1gb, 1.5gb or 2gb what do i or they have to put in Initial size and Maximum size.

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