Another Inside Out update

The good news for those who preordered Windows Vista Inside Out is that your copy should be on its way now. As of last night, Amazon reported that about 25% of the copies preordered via this site had been shipped. Presumably the rest will go out today.

The bad news is that Amazon apparently didn’t anticipate demand for this book, because they sold out of their first shipment before receiving it. If you place an order today, apparently you’ll have to wait until the reorder arrives. I hope that’s less than the four to six weeks predicted on Amazon’s website, but who knows?

Meanwhile, you can probably find it at your local brick-and-mortar bookseller or online at Barnes & (in stock, ships within 24 hours). Bookpool is out of stock, with another shipment expected February 2nd.

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7 thoughts on “Another Inside Out update

  1. I guess I wasn’t one of the 25%–Amazon still estimates a February 15 delivery date for me (I preordered back in the beginning of December).

  2. I ordered mine back in June or July and it’s on the way to me right now. Early bird catches the worm. 🙂

    Incidentally, Ed’s comment on his other blog about the new search features in Vista are dead on target. They are awesome!

  3. I received my “your order has shipped” notice this morning. I ordered on Saturday, January 27. I notice that amazon often beats there estimates. We’ll see.

    I already want to see if two glitches I encountered when I installed on Sunday will be explained. Heh, heh.

  4. Well I hope mine changes status soon. Orcmid you ordered 4 days after me and mine still says shipping april 2nd.

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